You will be required to pay a deposit to reserve your tattoo booking with us. Deposits can be paid instore via card or cash. We also take over the phone payments for deposits with a debit or credit card, unfortunately we do not bank transfer. The deposit amount will vary from $50 to $350, this will all depend on the amount of time allocated for your tattoo.

Your deposit will be deducted off the total cost of your tattoo on the day of your appointment. If your tattoo requires multiple sittings (such as full sleeves, chest and back pieces), you will be required to keep your deposit on file and roll it over all of your sessions until the final sitting where it will be deducted off your last tattoo appointment.

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. It is best if you wish to cancel or move an appointment that you do this via phone on 0404 369 251, alternately you can email or text message. At Phresh Ink we have a 72-hour cancellation policy (3 days before your tattoo appointment) where you are able to reschedule or cancel (collect your deposit back) without any issues, however if you are inside that 72-hour window your deposit will be forfeited to the artist. If you wish to make another appointment you will need to put another deposit down to secure the spot

PHRESH ETIQUETTE - At Phresh Ink to ensure your tattoo runs as smoothly as possible for yourself and the artist please read the following

Please be prepared and arrive on time. This is very important as running late will cut into your tattooing time!

To ensure you sit comfortably through your tattoo and to avoid any fatigue or unexpected sickness, dizziness or fainting please make sure you eat a hearty filling meal before you arrive at the studio. A coffee is not enough and especially DO NOT come on an empty stomach. Please also remember that you may be sitting in the tattoo chair for long periods of time so be prepared and grab something to drink and a few snacks as well any sort of entertainment (headphones or a book) to keep you going throughout the day.

Please think about the area you are getting tattooed and make sure you wear appropriate clothing to ensure the artist will have easy access to the area being tattooed. Girls if you are getting an area such as upper thigh, chest area or ribs you can bring swimwear or a towel as sometimes we don’t always have privacy in the studio if this something that would make you feel more comfortable.

Please make sure you listen to your artist aftercare instructions and follow them correctly, should you need any further assistance the counter staff will be able to assist you.

Remember to always TRUST your artist, they are giving you their time, energy and recommendations from design placement to fully completing the tattoo for you so please be respectful and work with your artist to ensure you have the best tattoo.

Please respect the artists time and effort they put into your tattoo to create something custom for you so PLEASE DO NOT show up for your appointment unwell, under the influence, sunburnt or with any medical or physical concerns that may prevent your artist from tattooing you on the day. Our artists do reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if for any reason they feel you are not fit to be tattooed. Your deposit WILL NOT be refunded and you will be required to pay another deposit should you wish to make a new date with the artist.


Phresh Ink a custom studio, which means our artists pride themselves on creating unique, custom designs for our clients with a great deal of thought and preparation put into each piece.

In order to maintain the integrity of our artists and protect them from copyright, it is our shop policy that WE WILL NOT release any artwork prior to your appointment. In some circumstances there may be a chance depending on your artist that you may be able to see your design 1-2 DAYS BEFORE your tattoo appointment. This is completely within the artist discretion and the artist will usually tell you this during the consultation if you are able to see the design in advance. As mentioned above we are custom studio and we work very openly on an artist to client trust basis. You would have seen your artist’s work and had a consult prior to booking an appointment which we would hope that this is where the trust will form from client to artist. You can communicate with your artist via email for any changes to your design or in a rare circumstance if you feel the artist is not the right fit for you, please call the studio and we can revaluate this for you with a new artist selection. Please keep in mind some of these artists are booked up to 12 weeks in advance and have many designs/clients to prepare for, please be patient and know that your design will be ready on the day. Minor changes to the design can be made on the day to your design should you want to make any tweaking.

Changing your mind is completely normal, as some clients book their appointment quite far in advance and along the way change the concept of their tattoo. At Phresh Ink we have a strict 2-week design change policy, this can be anything from placement of the tattoo, style or concepts within the design that you wish you change. You must notify either the artist directly or contact front reception with the changes before the 2 weeks prior to your appointment to allow sufficient time for your artist to research any new elements and draw up the artwork in time for your appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms and conditions and always remember our counter staff and artists are here to help you and ensure you walk out of the studio with a mind blowing tattoo and have an overall amazing experience at Phresh Ink.


Phresh Ink offer gift vouchers that can be made out in either a monetary value or service (when purchased in a promotional pack for example)

Phresh Ink vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase and non-refundable.

For vouchers that have a dollar value this amount can be redeemed on any service or product in store provided your voucher is within its validity and applicable with your artist of choice.

It is highly recommended to book your service as soon as possible. Our tattoo artists tend to book out 6-8 weeks in advance and we will not extend your voucher should your artist be unavailable prior to the voucher expiring. We also will not refund or extend your voucher based on artist availability as we offer ample time for redemption.

Under special circumstances we may agree to extend your voucher as an act of good will providing you have made a tattoo appointment within 1 month of the expiry date (approved byt the studio). Please note that once this appointment has been made – any changes to the appointment date or cancellations will result in full forfeit of the voucher value.

Phresh Ink will not be responsible for lost / stolen vouchers. We are not obligated to compensate for misplaced vouchers.

If you have received a gift voucher and have no intention of using the value towards any of the services at Phresh Ink, you are able to transfer your voucher to someone else provided that it is within its validity. To transfer a voucher you must either come into the studio with photo ID or email us at hello@phreshink.com along with a copy of your photo ID and a declaration of who you will be transferring the voucher over to for it to be actioned. The voucher validity will also remain the same as originally purchased.

Phresh Ink will not honour any voucher that is supplied for redemption by anyone other than the original recipient with out the above authorisation under any circumstance, so for those who are intending to use a transferred voucher please ensure the original owner has actioned the above otherwise you will be required to pay for the tattoo in full at check out.

Please note that the above condition still applies if you originally paid for the voucher but were not it’s intended recipient. Once the voucher has been allocated to a recipient, regardless of personal circumstances that do not involve Phresh Ink, only that person can use or give authorisation to transfer the voucher without any exceptions.

touch up appointments

To ensure desired result and longevity of your new tattoo, Phresh Ink will offer one complimentary touch up appointment after initial healing (4-6 weeks) excluding the following scenarios:

- The tattoo was in a “high wear” area of your body including but not limited to; fingers, hands, feet, toes, palms, knees, ears and elbows.

- Damage to the tattoo due to poor aftercare procedures and the use of non-recommended creams and ointments

- You are wanting to add / change anything from the original design. While we do understand and appreciate that sometimes you may change your mind and want to alter some elements of your tattoo this would fall into the category of a new tattoo and you may be charged the shop minimum

- Any tattoo that was administered by an artist no longer working at the studio

- The tattoo is older than 1 months

For larger scale projects such as sleeve work and back pieces etc – your artist may include your touch up session in your next sitting or wait until the full project is completed and then book in a final pass appointment free of charge to assess the tattoo as a whole to ensure consistency.

At any time, you are welcome to contact the studio to enquire about touch up appointments. Even if your request falls outside of the above terms and conditions for your complimentary session, we are happy to rework or touch up any tattoo and will be able to advise the cost involved to do so.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions you may have!

Looking forward to seeing you at Phresh Ink!
THE Phresh Ink Team