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PHRESH INK now offers laser tattoo removal with a Cynosure MedLite Laser. Using extremely safe, high grade technology our Cynosure laser treats skin with the utmost care. In addition we also offer a zimmer cooling device which helps prevent discomfort from the treatment.

All PHRESH INK laser technicians are highly accredited, government licensed and certified to operate all machinery. Whether it be lightening a tattoo for a cover up, or removing the tattoo completely we ensure every client is treated professionally and given the correct information and instructions on the laser treatment and home care.

We love tattoos here at PHRESH INK and we also understand the pain and disappointment a tattoo can you give you when you don’t like the tattoo anymore. Here at PHRESH INK we will always work together with the laser tech, the artist and yourself to ensure your cover up tattoo is the best decision you have ever made.

Prices start from as little as $30

Laser Tattoo Removal Gold Coast
Phresh Ink Tattoo Removal
Phresh Ink Tattoo Removal


Lightening your tattoo is a great idea if you wish to cover up your tattoo with something else. Lightening gives you a lot more flexibility in design and also allows for colours to be added in without the use of heavy blacks. Our in house tattoo artists are available to work with you to ensure we give you the best outcome for your new tattoo!

We love tattoos here at PHRESH INK and we also understand the pain and disappointment a tattoo can give you when you don’t like the tattoo anymore. Here at PHRESH INK we will always work together with the laser tech, the artist and yourself to ensure your cover up tattoo is the best decision you have ever made.

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Phresh Ink Before Cover Up
Phresh Ink Before Cover Up
Phresh Ink Before Cover Up
Phresh Ink Before Cover Up


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How does laser removal work?
A laser is designed to produce one or more specific wavelengths of light in extremely short bursts (nanoseconds). The rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles that shatter under the skin that are then removed by the body’s natural filtering and immune system. The tattoo will fade gradually over a series of treatments although we can never guarantee 100% clear skin as it really does depend on your body and how well it chooses to break down the ink. All treatments are spaced at least 6 weeks apart and up to 12 weeks, giving your body time to remove the distributed tattoo particles from your lymphatic system between sessions. The number of treatments required on your tattoo will depend on a number of variables (for example: body placement, type of ink, colour etc). Normally areas closer to the heart or areas that are quite vascular will remove quite quickly.
What equipment is used?
Our technicians use a Cynosure MedLite C6 Laser

Our lasers are used in conjunction with advanced cooling machines to help ease any discomfort throughout your laser removal procedure.

How many laser sessions will I need?
We believe in giving our clients honest and realistic expectations when having the treatment done. Usually a set amount of treatment can not be given to the client as we are unsure how your body or the tattoo will respond. If you do have lighter colours in your tattoo please be mindful that will not 100% clear or lighten.

The number of treatment session needed will be determined by the size, ink colour and depth of the tattoo which sometimes we are even unable to determine as we are not the tattooists who performed the tattoo. On average, full removal will require 6-12 treatments, and lightening for a cover-up will usually require much less. Sessions are very quick – small tattoos take less than 5 minutes to complete and larger tattoos can take up to 20 minutes.

What colours fade the best?
Dark (black) and red inks will lighten the best. Oranges and purples usually lighten over time, whereas blue, green and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove and additional treatments are sometimes needed to produce significant fading.
Will my skin go back to normal after laser tattoo removal?
In most cases, yes. If the tattoo is heavily pigmented with many lasers of ink from multiple over-ups, it can be harder to restore your skin to its original condition. Usually after quite a few sessions where the tattoo is barley visible, after a couple of months to 1 year with natural sun and exposure the elements will be fade even more to barley visible.
Is laser tattoo removal treatment painful?
Your laser tattoo session can cause some some discomfort for certain people. All depending on your pain threshold and the location of your tattoo. We use a chilled air cooling treatment with a continuous flow of chilled air before (- 10 degrees), during and after your laser session as well as ice packs, in an effort to minimise any discomfort. Most clients find this more than adequate and do not need any additional numbing cream.
What will my skin look like after treatment?
After your laser treatment, you may experience some swelling, scabbing, blistering and or bruising – all of which is completely normal. If you do get blistering please DO NOT pop them, should they burst on your own you can come in the studio and the technician will redress it for you. You will likely find that immediately after your treatment, the tattoo will turn a white, colour before returning closer to its original appearance by the end of the day- this is called frosting and is great response to the laser. This usually happens within your first couple of sessions. Overnight your body will start to settle before your body begins to slowly remove the ink, we recommenced not getting the area wet for 24 hours, applying PHRESH INK aftercare cream and drinking plenty of water to flush out the ink!
Can I go in the sun and/or go swimming after treatment?
It’s important to avoid direct sun expose, artificial tanning beds, or prolonged time in submerged water after your treatment. Wear protective clothing, or apply SPF50+ sunscreen to the treatment area at all times when in the sun. Avoid sunburn at all costs and be sure to follow our aftercare instructions for your own safety and the best possible results from your treatment.
How should I prepare for my laser tattoo removal treatment?
We can not treat you if you’ve had large amounts of sun exposure prior to your appointment, sun-tanning vitamin A injections in the last 6 months or artificial tan such as spray or fake tan leading up to your appointment
Be sure to have a shower and have something to eat an hour before your appointment.

If you’re choosing to use additional numbing cream during your laser session, please ensure you apply this prior to your appointment, following all instructions carefully. You may arrive with numbing cream on, but it will be removed prior to your laser treatment commencing. If you don’t wish you use numbing cream you can come into the clinic and ice pack the area while you wait to help with the pain.

We can not treat you if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, prone to keloid scarring, intoxicated or under the influence of strong medication. If you present in any of these conditions please be aware that your treatment will be declined.

Is laser tattoo removal treatment expensive?
Our prices are competitive and affordable, starting from as little as $50. We also offer packages and discounts for clients who wish to have a cover up tattoo done at our studio with one of our artists. If you would like to find out more about costs for your removal or lightening, please submit an enquiry via the form above and we will be in touch with you!