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Phresh Ink is voted the number one tattoo studio on the Gold Coast. With our "Phresh Phamily" constantly growing we will definitely have someone that can cater to your style of tattoo. Thirteen artists fill up Phresh Ink with custom designs and happy customers leaving Phresh Ink everyday. Our two full time shop assistants are constantly available to communicate with you via email, phone, social media or even in person to help you pick the best the artist and help you get on your way to booking in your Phresh tattoo. If you would like to make a consultation with one of artists click on booking tab and enter your details and one of our staff members will be in contact with you.


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Phresh Ink offers complimentary consults 7 days a week with all of our artist’s in house at Phresh Ink. These consults happen in the morning in-between 9.30am and 10am before our artists begin with their tattoo clients. These consults allow you to have uninterrupted time with your artist to go over your ideas, show them images, hear your artist’s opinion and get a rough quote. This usually lasts around 15 - 20 minutes all depending if the design is straight forward or if you are looking for something more custom. The consults have no obligation but do require an appointment to secure, as there are limited slots for the morning with each artist. If you would like to book a consultation with one of our artists please click the button below !


our PHRESH INK artists


Josh Kuhne

Founder / Artist

Shop owner Josh identifies as an extremely diverse artist who is accomplished in various styles and formulates every design to achieve a unique and breath-taking tattoo. With a well experienced background in graffiti and forte for colour realism, Josh has been able to adapt his amazing skillset into all aspects of his tattooing. Josh's incomparable custom pieces are like no other, a true artist.




His diverse understanding of colour work makes Jacob one truly skilled tattoo artist. Jacob’s skills allow him to create some of the softest and most beautiful colour realism pieces. The attention to detail and dedication he puts into every design is remarkable. Jacob is always inspired to create pieces by utilising a broad range of colours combined with unique illustrative compositions. An amazing artist who will go beyond your expectations!




Elle is the newest edition to our Phresh Family, making her our third female artist to join our team ! Elle is by far in a league of her own and one that will not disappoint. With a passion for art from the very beginning Elle brings her individuality and creativity into her tattoos. She enjoys floral work, small palm sized sized pieces from her flash sheet, fine line work, oh and anything Post Malone related!! Elle is a perfectionist that is extremely gifted, guaranteeing to give you a piece a no one else will have. If you want a tattoo that will blow your mind Elle is defiantly the artist for you! 



Dylan is the newest edition to our Phresh Family, making him our lucky 13th artist to call Phresh Ink home. Dylan has been tattooing since 2015 and has gathered alot of knowledgeable experience within the tattoo industry. Specialising in black work and illustrated tattoos, Dylan’s style is unique, clean and stylised. He isn’t one for sore eyes either, thoroughly enjoying work with lots of lines and detail in either colour or black and grey. Dylan is a quiet and hardworking artist, but don’t mistake his silence for weakness he has a great eye for detail and will give you not only an outstanding tattoo but an outstanding experience. If you are looking for an artist that is calm, respectful and has great attention to detail then look no further!



With his graffiti background and capability to work with many styles, Niko is definitely one of the up and coming tattoo prodigies. He knocks out incredible black and grey tattoos, in various styles, from blackwork to realism and has a work ethic like no other. Having only just entered the industry, Niko's incredible versatility has him ready to execute any tattoo to a remarkable standard.


JarrAd EVE


Jarrad is a mixed bag of goodies whose tattoos wow us all. His traditional style leaves clients with timeless tattoos time and time again. Jarred’s work ethic and amazing people skills see him as a real crowd pleaser. Jared’s preferred style of tattooing is colour traditional. But this is not limited to what he can and will do. Jared is a great choice for people looking to get their first tattoo as his gentle and professional nature makes the intimidating process a breeze. 


scott CARR


Scott is a friendly and professional tattooist with an eye for detail and an imagination like no other. Scott has a clear understanding of Japanese culture for his oriental style tattoos but will always leave some personal characteristics with each tattoo. He is forever receiving outstanding reviews and always goes the extra mile to ensure the best experience possible. Scott also has a graffiti background and has an in-depth understanding of colour and black and grey making him equipped for all tattooing big and small.



Proudly one of our most experienced artists, Geno has over ten years of industry experience and has travelled all over Australia tattooing. He puts so much work into each and every tattoo nothing is ever mediocre. Specialising in Bio-mechanical and Japanese, Geno's extensive experience allows him to approach any style of tattoo to be able to deliver all his work to the highest quality.




Tama has a very relaxed and professional attitude. His extensive knowledge of realism tattoos results in the creation of extraordinary designs with mind-blowing detail. Tama specialises in black and grey realistic tattoos, equipped with the skills to also create beautiful colour pieces. His hard work and dedication makes him a valuable addition to the tattoo industry.




Charlie is our Rose amongst the thorns, Charlie is one of Phresh inks female tattooists. Her soft and gentle nature radiates into her tattoos leaving clients with soft & clean tattoos. Her style has evolved into the most breathtaking fine line tattoos that are custom drawn to suit each and every client. Don’t be fooled as she is not a one trick pony. Charlie can Also do immaculate mandalas, geometric and floral tattoos. Keep your eyes on this girl as she is definitely one to watch.



Danel is an extremely hardworking, dedicated and talented tattoo artist. Specialising in Japanese Danel is one we should all be keeping an eye on. Danel has a true love and passion for tattooing which makes him the perfect all round tattooist for any client looking at getting the tattoo of their dreams. Danel enjoys tattooing all styles making him the perfect artist for your small neat line work tattoo, your large Japanese piece, your custom colour piece or even a tribal piece.  If you get Danel as your tattooist count yourself lucky as he will definitely not disappoint you. 




Matt is truly an artist of his own. He is an extremely versatile artist that is competent is all styles. His love for colour really shows throughout his work, and his line work and detailing is flawless!! Specialising in colour, Matt also can confidently do large black and grey scale pieces to small fine line work. Matt is an extremely friendly and professional artist that will make anyone feel completely at ease during the whole process of getting your tattoo. Matt is a completely custom artist and will make your ideas come to life by giving you a truly unique tattoo.




If you are lucky enough to be paired with Michael for your tattoo be prepared for a humbling experience. With attention to detail and a work ethic second to none you are guaranteed to leave Phresh Ink with a timeless tattoo and a new favourite artist. Micheal's preferred style of tattooing is traditional and traditional Japanese. He can also put together some amazing pattern work and stylish letters. Michael is an all rounded artist and all round top bloke!