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about phresh ink

Phresh Ink is one of Australia's largest specialty tattoo studio's located on the sunny Gold Coast. Phresh Ink is rated best tattoo shop on the Gold Coast. Twelve of Australia's best artists call Phresh Ink "home" and spend their time here specialising in all areas of tattooing including but not limited to Colour Realism, Traditional, Black and Grey, Dot work and Mandalas, Japanese, New school, Floral, FIne Line and so much more. 

Phresh Ink is not just home to incredible tattooists it is also home to a modern barber shop, large range of "LOOP" Paint and supplies and also our unique Phresh apparel range which is custom designed by artists.

We promise to offer top quality work at reasonable prices. If you are not already sold on one of our services, just drop by our colourful studio and see it all for yourself or navigate yourself through our website and fill out a consultation form to suit your enquiry. Our helpful and professional staff can assist you with all your design ideas and general inquiries.